Crisis Management Handbook

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Bomb Threats

  1. If initial call comes into your area, immediately after the call is terminated, obtain a dial tone on the phone on which the threat was received, and dial #91 to log the last incoming call. The individual actually receiving the call should pay careful attention to the gender, age, background noises, etc. to relay to the authorities. Questions to ask the caller include:
    1. When will the bomb go off?
    2. Where is the bomb located?
    3. What kind of bomb is it?
    4. How do you know about this bomb?
    5. What is your name?
    6. Do you know there are people in the building who could be hurt or killed?
    Form for responding to bomb threats or other threats of violence

  2. If you locate a suspicious looking item, do not handle the item. Clear the area immediately and proceed to step 3.

  3. Call 9-911 to contact the appropriate emergency responder. Follow the emergency responder's instructions. If you are instructed to contact the University Center building proctor, call 5-8901 or after hours contact the night manager at 5-8908. The emergency responder will handle notifying the appropriate individuals on campus, assess the situation, and decide a course of action.

  4. Call an MSC senior staff member (see Staff Chain of Notification) who will coordinate efforts with the building proctor and emergency responder.

  5. If evacuation is requested by the building proctor or UPD, the appropriate means of notification will be employed, including activating the fire alarm, making announcements over the P.A. system, and walking through the area to request individuals leave the area (see Evacuation for gathering location).

  6. In accordance with System Policy 34.07 Crisis Management, "protection of human life and health is of the utmost importance". If funds are on the premises, the senior-most manager of the area shall either lock the vault or lock the cash register and retain the key on their person. Unlocked cash drawers shall be left as-is unless the senior-most manager makes a judgment call that, due to the situation, the cash drawers can be pulled and secured in the vault. The area personnel should assist the evacuation of patrons and lock all doors as they depart the area.

  7. University Center staff and/or appropriate emergency responder will indicate when entry back into the building is approved. The senior-most manager shall be the first person to return to the area to assess the activity that occurred in the area during the evacuation. All cash funds shall be counted and verified. Notify the supervisor when operations are resumed.

  8. Follow-up communication regarding the incident should be furnished immediately to your supervisor and an incident report form should be completed and submitted to the applicable Associate Director no more than two days following the occurrence.

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