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MSC Announces Committee Changes


College Station, Texas Ė July 11, 2005 Ė At the Memorial Student Center (MSC) Summer Council Meeting Saturday, the Council decided to eliminate or decentralize MSC Film Society, MSC Insights, and MSC Literary Arts Committee. This decision was not made lightly or without great consideration on the part of both MSC staff and students.

To better pursue University and the Division of Student Affairs priorities and free up staff time, it was decided that the equivalent workload of three committees be eliminated. MSC staff memberís time has been reallocated toward matriculation efforts, international programming, diversity, leadership and assessment.

The committees were selected based upon historical performance, financial constraints, and the ability of these programming duties to be absorbed by other MSC areas. The MSC is committed to helping students displaced by these decisions find another area in the MSC in which to become involved.

With the purpose of continuing to show movies on campus, the following changes will be made. The Aggie Cinema component of MSC Film Society will be maintained by Aggie Nights. The Art House Movie Series will be assigned to the MSC Visual Arts Committee. Selected Sneak Previews will be administered by the MSCís Arts and Entertainment Programming Council.

In order to continue the spirit of MSC Insights programming, MSC committees are expected to expand their programming to include the broad range of topics previously provided by Insights. Resources are available to any MSC committee seeking to produce lecture programs on issues pertaining to the campus, social issues, science and technology, state and local politics, and popular culture.

Finally the Spoken Word component of MSC Literary Arts Committee will be continued through MSC Town Hall. Spoken Word is a form of artistic performance in which lyrics, poetry, or stories are spoken rather than sung.

Texas A&M is in a tight financial climate and the MSC has experienced those constraints. As a result of a failed student service fee referendum in 2003, the MSCís ability to hire additional staff has been limited, creating the need for staff to be reassigned.

For more information contact MSC Council President, Andy Liddell at or call 979.845.1914.

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