MSC Links Policy

Updated 10/14/2003

Links to Other Sites

Although the Memorial Student Center web sites provide links to several sites belonging to other organizations, these links do not constitute an endorsement of the individuals or organizations represented by the other web sites.

Accessibility and Usability Links
Links may be provided to other sites for the purpose of enabling free use of web technologies to view online content offered by the Memorial Student Center. For example, links to Adobe Systems Inc. may be used to facilitate download of free Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing documents stored in PDF format or to access their online utility for conversion of PDF documents to HTML. Other links may offer free downoad of utilities such as RealNetworks' RealPlayer and Macromedia Flash where appropriate.

Advertisement and Recognition Links
Links to other sites for the purposes of commercial advertisement or recognition of supporters and donors must be in compliance with Texas A&M University Rule 21.99.09.M2 summarized here:

All commercial sales, solicitations or advertisements by Texas A&M University departments or organizations, on University web sites or electronic mail, must reflect the mission and purpose of the University. Individuals who desire to sell merchandise on Texas A&M University campus must have a formal contract with Texas A&M University for such sales. Contracts for sales or commercial advertisements must be initiated through the Department of Contract Administration.

Source Credit Links
Links may be provided as references to properly acknowledge quotations or information sources.

Links from Other Sites

Links from other sites to web sites managed by the Memorial Student Center (a department of an agency of the State of Texas) must comply with the State Web Site Link and Privacy policy.

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