On-Line Transaction Security Assurance

The Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University uses a variety of technologies to assure that your on-line transactions are safe. With the combination of these technologies and a secure browser at your end, you can rest assured that your entire transaction including credit card and anonymity are protected.

The secure MSC transaction server (https://secure.msc.tamu.edu/) supports 128-bit encryption, the best available for web transactions at the present time.

These technologies ensure at least the same level of security as making payment to a vendor by credit card over the phone or through the mail. Additionally, payment by credit card enables the card issuer to serve as your advocate to limit your liability in the event of fraudulent credit card use.

Thawte Authentic Site Thawte (a VeriSign company) is a global leader in providing assurance of secure communication between your web browser and on-line services. A Thawte electronic certificate insures that you are in contact with the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University (msc.tamu.edu) and not some digital imposter. All information passed during the secure connection is encrypted for security and is transferred with no opportunity of being intercepted and used for any purpose other than the transaction you intended. (Click the Thawte logo to check if your browser is properly set to conduct secure transactions with our server.)

Web browser logos Your browser is also configured to manage a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection, assuming it's a remotely current version of Netscape Navigator/Communicator (v. 2.0 or newer), Microsoft Internet Explorer (v. 2.0 or newer), America Online (v. 3.0 or newer) or other name-brand browser software. Your browser "tells" you when it has established a secure connection by displaying an icon, generally a padlock in the locked position, located at the bottom of your browser window.
Netscape v. 2.0
Netscape 2.0 security indicator
Netscape v. 4.0
Netscape 4.0 security indicator
Internet Explorer (all)
Internet Explorer security indicator
AOL v. 4.0 (all)
AOL security indicator

Another indication that you're on a secure server is the change from the normal "http:" at the beginning of the URL to "https:" where the "s" indicates a secure connection. By watching for these signs, you can rest assured that your on-line transaction is indeed secure.

All online credit card payments are processed through VeriSign Payment Services using high-level security technologies throughout the entire transaction process.

All on-line transactions with the MSC Box Office maintain the same level of security safeguards during all electronic transmission of your transaction information until it is received by the Box Office.

tickets.com logo The MSC Box Office's business partner Tickets.com uses comparable security precautions.

The Memorial Student Center is located on the Texas A&M University campus in College Station, Texas. Security concerns may be directed by email to security@msc.tamu.edu or by phone to (979) 845-3562.

Updated: 29 March 2002

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