Web Addresses for Program Marketing

Provide web addresses in your promotion that will be easy to remember, provide full program information, and let you measure an aspect of the marketing method's effectiveness!

Simply provide the following web address in any marketing pieces for specific events:

where {keyword} is any distinct keyword in the event title.

If only one upcoming publicized MSC program is found in the Events Management system, the user will be directly taken to an information page specifically about that program. If more than one event title contains the keyword, then a list of matching events is displayed from which the user may make a selection.

Each use of this special web address is separately logged so analysis can be conducted on the results. Use of different keywords for the same program can be used to separately measure the effectiveness of different marketing methods. For example, one address can be used in a Battalion ad, while another is used on a poster. Yet another may appear on a table tent, a banner, a sandwich board, or in a kiosk (if there are enough distinct words in the title for so many marketing methods).

Although distinctive keywords may change as programs pass or are added to the Events Management system, at one time each of the following were distinct addresses for the same event information page for MSC Hospitality's "Lost & Found Auction":

In contrast, however, the keyword "road" was not distinct for MSC Wiley's "ROAD to the White House" program because it also appeared embedded in OPAS' "BROADway" and L.T. Jordan's "Living AbROAD Program". If there is not single distinct keyword, multiple words can be used in the following manner:
Any event title containing all of the keywords separated by non-alphanumeric characters will be selected.

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