Apply to Get Involved!

The Memorial Student Center offers many wonderful opportunities for involvement and personal development in its committees and council resource areas. Regardless of which opportunity you wish to pursue, the road begins here!

Open Positions & Application Forms

Steps for applying:

1. Obtain an application from an MSC committee. If the form is not available using the above link, you may call 845-1515 for information or check out MSC Open House.

2. Enter your personal contact information online, print the page that results, and sign and attach one copy as a cover page on the printed application.

3. Submit your application by the deadline to the location indicated on the committee application. The MSC Student Programs Office is located on the second floor over the TAMU Bookstore.

4. The committee application will indicate how you may be contacted regarding subsequent steps as your application is considered during the application process.

Privacy Policy for MSC Membership Management

The Memorial Student Center is committed to providing significant leadership opportunities for Texas A&M students throughout the MSC Council and various committees that provide an array of educational, cultural, recreational and entertainment programs for the Texas A&M community.

A Release Form must be submitted by each MSC student each year.