Privacy Policy for MSC Membership Management

Updated 7/9/2009

MSC membership management information services are provided by MSC Computer Operations. In addition to the general MSC Privacy Policy, the MSC membership management system has the following disclosure regarding privacy.

TAMU Identification Number and Grade Information
This system requires and internally stores the Texas A&M identification number (UIN) of each student. This number is received when the student successfully identifies themself using TAMU CAS (Central Authentication System) when accessing the MSC online membership application. The UIN is only accessible by the advisor(s) of the committee to which they are applying and to the advisor of MSC Human Resources. The UIN is also used to cross reference data derived from Texas A&M University's Student Information Management System (SIMS). The advisor or an authorized full-time staff member designated by them may use the UIN to access personal grade information necessary to verify academic requirements for certain MSC positions. Some MSC student leadership positions require a minimum of 2.25 overall GPR and 2.25 GPR the semester prior to application, and 2.25 GPR while in office.

Students in MSC officer positions having these minimum academic requirements are required to sign a Grade Release Form that authorizes release of name and grade information to members of the MSC Council Executive Committee, in their capacity as staff and student supervisors, if they fail to meet the minimum academic standards required for their positions. Any student not meeting the standards and whose information has been released to the MSC Council Executive Committee will be notified of the action.

Personally Identifying Information
The online membership management system requires entry of personally identifying information including name, email address, address and phone number. This information is directly accessible by the advisor and chair/director of the committee to which a student has applied and by the advisor and Vice President of MSC Human Resources. This information may be printed and released to other members of the Memorial Student Center in various forms such as committee membership rosters and phone lists. A signed Information Release Form must be included with a membership application form to facilitate use of information in this way.

Some of this information may also be released outside the Memorial Student Center as required by University Policies or State or Federal Laws. For example, Texas A&M's Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT; requires name, student ID, and emergency contact information to be submitted in advance of departure for any student organization trip. Certain MSC records may also be subject to records requests as allowed by laws such as the Texas Public Information Act (formerly the Open Records Act;

Demographic Data
MSC Human Resources may develop reports using data that have been derived and cross-referenced from SIMS. These reports may utilize such data as college, major field of study, GPR, ethnicity and gender. Some of this data (including GPR, ethnicity and gender) is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA; Any reports that include protected information will not include personally identifying information and will only be used to prepare aggregate reports of student involvement in the MSC. It will not be used in the MSC membership selection process.

Student Rights
Students have the right under law to request to view and correct personal information that is on record about themselves. Additional details about correcting data contained in SIMS is available at

Revision History:
8/16/2002 - Policy created.
9/3/2004 - Updated to reflect use of UIN rather than SID (typically SSN) as TAMU student identifier.
10/17/2008 - Updated to reflect new department name (MSCC rather than MSC), updated student leadership titles, and updated links to external sites.
7/9/2009 - Updated to reflect new department name (MSC rather than MSCC).

The Memorial Student Center is committed to providing significant leadership opportunities for Texas A&M students throughout the MSC Council and various committees that provide an array of educational, cultural, recreational and entertainment programs for the Texas A&M community.